Children’s Behavioral Health Services

Children’s Services

Our Behavioral Health Professionals provide services for persons with mental retardation, autism or behavior issues. These services focus on behavior management and physical development, promoting self maintenance, fitness, self awareness and self motivation. Our Professionals also address sensory, motor and psychological needs in order to provide quality of life for those with disabilities.

Children’s Behavioral Services

At Aroostook Home Health Services, we have Behavioral Health Professionals on staff to assist with individualized in-home services for children of all ages. Children’s services can provide specialized assistance with behavioral, physical, and developmental issues at home.

We know parents can have busy schedules even in the best-case scenarios. We are committed to providing quality services for parents and caregivers in Aroostook County, Maine. Our valuable home health services for children can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Managing personal needs of the child

After assessing your infant, toddler, child, or teenager, we will assign a licensed behavioral specialist to your home. The specialist will implement a customized plan to help your child better manage their daily life and encourage independence.

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If you believe your child would benefit from professional in-home children’s services, call Aroostook Home Health Services toll-free at 877-688-9977. Our Intake Coordinator will be happy to discuss the options available to you and your child.