Emergency Response Alert Products and Services

Want the peace of mind that someone will take care of your loved one if they unexpectedly fall or injure themselves? Get emergency alert services today with Aroostook Home Health Services.

An emergency response alert system, coupled with a health or fall monitor, allows your loved one to live with increased independence. Utilizing an Aroostook Home Health Services alert and warning system will enable you to rest easy, knowing emergency services will reach your loved one in the event something goes wrong.

Emergency Alert Services

Our services operate 24/7, and lifeline auto alert sends distress messages automatically when it detects a fall. Lifeline is waterproof, always charged, and within reach whenever your loved one needs to call for help.

Dependability lies at the heart of peace of mind. Emergency response’s alert and warn protocol restores your loved one’s ability to live independently, as they don’t have to fear for every step they take.

Emergency Alert Devices

Standard Plug-In Unit

Pushing the emergency button on this console sends a signal to federal, state, or third-party emergency services that help is needed; a trained operator will speak to you or your loved one through the console. If the operator cannot hear anyone, they’ll send immediate help.

Cellular Unit

Working similarly to a standard plug-in unit, this service adds the convenience of cellular service. This is an excellent option for those without landline phones. At the press of a button, you can contact emergency services via your cell phone.

Fall Detection Button

This unit automatically connects to emergency services when it detects a fall, allowing an operator to talk to your loved one via the device. The button eliminates the need to manually call for help, perfect for an emergency where your loved one cannot operate their hands well enough to initiate a call.

Emergency Response Alert Device

Finding the device that best suits you and your loved one’s needs doesn’t have to be a roundabout process. All emergency response devices will heighten your loved one’s sense of safety, allowing rescuers access to their personal emergency information, so all an operator has to do is send help to their address.

Emergency Response

Ready to get started with emergency response alerts and emergency messages to protect your loved one? Give Aroostook Home Health Services a call today at (877) 688-9977 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives and get the process started. Get the peace of mind you and your loved one deserve.